Our Mission

Our approach is simple. We strive to educate the general public about the issues facing small farming. We host events with broad appeal and incorporate local farming topics into the events. Our goal is to help people reconnect to the farming community and realize its importance to our region as a whole.


We create events around popular attractions, topics and interests. At these events, we help disseminate information about small farming issues. One of our focus points is on helping small farmers build a arket for their products. We also work to bridge the gap between farms and the surrounding communities to create a relationship between the two.


Farming offers a lot to local communities. From food, to education, to heritage, to enriching experiences, small farms are a vital component of the region. We strive to get the word out about everything farms have to offer. As people become more aware of their local farms, the bond between them grows and strengthens the entire community.

Historical Preservation

As more and more farms disappear from the region's landscape, part of our mission is to preserve the history that is lost. Our plan includes saving interviews, photographs, equipment, maps and other historical artifacts.


One of the biggest challenges facing local farmers is the disconnect the general public has from our food sources. This lack of knowledge effects everything from consumer choices to political decisions. Therefore, it is increasingly important we work to educate the general public on the importance of local farming.

What we do

We create events large and small. We try to find topics and activities that are popular and will draw an active and interested crowd. From simply sponsoring a small booth at an existing event to organizing an entire gala, we believe there are opportunities to deliver our message in a variety of ways. We have built partnerships with a variety of organizations – governmental, private and non-profit – to create successful unilateral events.

We craft our awareness message for each event, venue, and audience.
Whether it is making specific food choices, political issues, environmental impacts,  availability, promotions or education, our message is always centered around the farming community.

Our events appeal to the general public and deliver a message about farming to all attendees. The challenge we have undertaken is reaching people who aren’t necessarily attracted or interested in local farming issues. Our methodology is to engage them with appealing activities and to introduce them to new topics and education during that activity.

Seed Spark is working to bring back some of those “lost” grains that the Delaware Valley was famous for. We are working with United States Department of Agriculture Research Service, local universities and farmers to resurrect these treasures. In doing so, we will help kick-start economic development.

The DVFF is a central directory where regional farmers and producers can locate one another across the region.